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Advanced Heal Bot for Tibia 10, Tibia 11 and Tibia 12.

Advanced Healer

Advanced healer based on multiple conditions.

SmartExit (xLog)

Now you can xLog directly from TibiaCombat, just choose the Switchkey and enable the function.

Heal Friend (Sio)

With TibiaCombat you are able to heal your friends with advanced conditions, all requirements are your friends’ names!!.

Ring/Amulet Equiper

¬†Choose any Ring/Amulet to auto equip, you don’t have to worry about rings running out anymore.

Tank Mode

Automatically swap 2 rings and load stone skins based on Mana and/or Health percentage.

Click Reuse

Click reuse will make your long hunt much easier, as you don’t need to keep clicking the area rune hotkey.

Macro Recorder

You can record number of actions and repeat it as much as you want or even save it for later use.

Alot of extra functions

TibiaCombat contains a lot of Extra functions like Anti Paralyze, Auto Manashield, Auto Haste, Auto recovery and much more.

Run TibiaCombat In 3 easy steps

Step #1

Run TibiaCombat from your desktop and write your username and password.

Step #2

Choose the client you want to attach TibiaCombat to it.

Step #3

Enjoy TibiaCombat.

Pricing Plans

Free Trail

7 days Free

free trial


$ 5.99

per month


$ 16.99

per 3 months

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